Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan & Girlfriends at Canadian Tire Centre

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Canadian Tire Centre | Ottawa, Ontario

Avril Lavigne

Canada's streets are ready for an absolute punk-rock spree as Avril Lavigne hits her Avril Lavigne: The Greatest Hits Tour on Wednesday, August 14, at Canadian Tire Center, Ottawa. Jamming with the premiere bands Simple Plan and Girlfriends, a punk-driven performance will be experienced all night as they showcase their intimate sounds from the Soundscan era. Coming with a 27-date tour, Avril Lavigne will make her presence felt as she drops a live stage in Ottawa for the fans in attendance. Coming from her Love Sux Tour in 2022, the punk-rock star will roll back the time as she performs her greatest hits from her punk-decorated discography. Bagging several JUNO Awards and Grammy nominations, Avril Lavigne will feature songs including "Complicated," "Girlfriend," "Here's To Never Growing Up," and "Sk8er Boi", which will drive you to the 2000s type of punk musical ride. Don't make this complicated and join the punk rock madness as Avril Lavigne delivers a terrific experience of your life. Grab your tickets now!

Avril Lavigne is hitting her homeland, Canada, with a punk music bonanza with her Avril Lavigne: Greatest Tour on Wednesday, 14th of August, at Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa. Performing with the hit band Simple Plan and Girlfriends, get ready to be swayed in punk style as Avril Lavigne delivers a 27-date tour for nostalgic vibes of 2000s skate punk music that everyone loves.

Since Avril Lavigne stepped into the music industry, the punk star from Canada has always been confident and released hit after hit. She broke worldwide records and created history with her songs that mix punk and pop and shape a whole generation of fans. Avril Lavigne's first album includes her very best tracks, such as "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boy". From there, Avril Lavigne's skill transformed everything into success because her albums, one after another, made her known as a top music artist during the 2000s period. She sold more than 50 million albums around the globe and was nominated for eight Grammy awards while she won 10 JUNO awards, including the Artist of the Year and JUNO Fans' Choice Awards. Now, Avril Lavigne is going to her homeland, Canada, for an epic musical live show of her best songs like "Here's to Never Growing Up," “Girlfriend,” and “Head Above Water” for a punk-infused experience that you will never forget.

Avril Lavigne will jam with the iconic bands Simple Plan and Girlfriends. Known as close friends of Avril Lavigne, the band Simple Plan will wreak rock havoc to the center stage as they hit their best songs, including “Perfect,” "Welcome To My Life," and "I'm Just A Kid.” Opening for the tour is the punk duo Girlfriends. Composed of Travis Mills and Nick Gross, be ready for a synth-driven musicality as they groove their way to the live stages with their hit songs “California,” “Jessica,” and "Where Were You.”

"This really is a full circle moment for us: more than 20 years ago, we did our first US arena tour with Avril, and it was absolutely amazing”, Simple Plan said as they performed alongside Avril Lavigne on this tour.

The majestic Canadian Tire Center will be the home of the Avril Lavigne: Greatest Hits Tour with Simple Plan and Girlfriends. Known as a world-class concert venue, its variety of seating, a wide range of facilities, and top-notch sounds and lighting will be the game of the evening as the pop-punk rhythms wrap the whole venue. Don't let this chance slip away, as Avril Lavigne is rocking her way to a monumental musical event you will never forget. Get your tickets now!

Avril Lavigne at Canadian Tire Centre

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